Internet Infrastructure improvement?

Redundancy is good in Aircraft safety, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias. What about internet connectivity?

I learned in an old “Learning Channel” video, that the U.S, Pentagon can be topologically represented as a graph, by stacking three geometric pentagon shapes, one on top of the other, and connecting the corners with vertical rods. However, the construction is assisted, by a spoke system that connects the middle floor to a single, central node. As such, it is possible to calculate a max trip time for walking from ANY office to ANY OTHER office. 

The construction is also very redundant. )
In terms of redundancy and resilience, how could we make the US fiber optic backbone be made to (topologically) look like that? Fiber is high bandwidth volume, so the incentive for redundancy is against profitability. However, DARPA net was conceived to withstand an atomic blast (the curvature of the earth makes this possible, even if a nuclear associated EM pulse destroyed many computers.)
Likewise, connectivity of the seven continents (Antarctica might be superfluous or central,) could be reinforced by some (creatively implemented,) seven sided diagram.
Many businessmen hate redundancy, because it wastes labor in duplication. Waste is bad for profits.

About James Johnson

I am an amateur mathematician & political theorist who enjoys (occasionally cerebral) humor.
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