WinRar can span compressed files over DVD’s or even BluRay discs.

The Zip utility is limited to 2GB datafiles.

If it should become necessary to transport large datafiles, in excess of 5 GB from place to place geographically, my solution is to build a Truecrypt container of adequate size, and WinRar compress the data, spanned across volumes of the relevant size.

For example, I stored an encrypted backup copy of my 14GB iPod ripped library, by compressing it, spanned across 699MB files. I then generated a 700MB Truecrypt container, mounted it, and filled it with the first data set. I unmounted the container, and burned the entire thing to a CD. I then formatted the Truecrypt container, and copied the next batch. I repeated this process, CD by CD, until the entire collection was burned encrypted, all with the same password.

To expand it, it was necessary to copy the contents of every CD into a single directory, and mount each, copying the contents into yet another directory or folder.

The final step was to employ a rar expander, (these are available free, fast and reliable, courtesy of a now ailing pornography industry,) to unrar the entire thing back into my Music library.

I gained a useful degree of experience from the process, merely from manipulating such a large batch of data.

It is possible to employ the same process for 4.3GB DVD’s or 25GB BD-R’s (maybe video footage backups, for a Holywood “Datawrangler?”)

[Please do not suppose that Truecrypt is the single term jargon mastery, of a charlatan. It is an industry giant in encryption.]


About James Johnson

I am an amateur mathematician & political theorist who enjoys (occasionally cerebral) humor.
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