Usage based billing increases lock-in.

In Cloud-type data assurance, it can be vital it can be to maintain an offline processing capabilitiy, for general purpose computing. To facilitate this, Operating System providers make redistributable updates available. We can still get service pack redistributables for Win 7, and offline Java etc. But with the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft can saddle you with a computer that won’t boot, if you do not have online access.¬†

I fact, with updatable EULA’s, the Windows 8 OS could be changed to require payment of a (nominal) monthly subscription fee.

Meanwhile, the mad rush to the Cloud is leading laymen to forget that they can also be charged by the bit for internet access. As an end user, one might neither be able to access his work product data, nor back it up, without fee based bandwidth services.
Linux makes package managers, but offline installers would be a significant addition, so “maverick installs” are not the only choice, for offline applications.

About James Johnson

I am an amateur mathematician & political theorist who enjoys (occasionally cerebral) humor.
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