Anonymous referrers can help fight DOS attacks for individuals

TOR networks are sometimes unpopular with security agencies, especially in foreign countries, however their usefulness is not limited to skulduggery.

If you need to read news articles as part of your professional life, or if you are obligated to read whitepapers to maintain credentialing, it is in your best interest that parasites and black hat hackers should not acquaint themselves with your current interests.

You cannot log in to any password protected domain using an anonymous connection. It is a mathematical impossibility to render such an effort anonymous. But it is well worth doing to even look up Wikipedia articles that way, if you are in competition with aggressive competitors. If they don’t know what you are studying, they can’t beat you to the punch.

Reputable TOR networks do not render pictures, for the most part. However, it is possible to do window shopping more privately at the Amazon domain, because of exceptions, and this assists anyone who does so, in keeping their holiday plans private. Purchases would necessarily be done later, but this activity can be done at a Copier Provider, or an Internet Cafe: anywhere you use a public computer for the purpose.

If you distribute digital work product for entertainment or profit, certain TOR networks also provide a service to stage a file online for anonymous download. One at least, provides to limit the number of downloads, and identify the requesting domain name, should you know it. Note: My anonymous TOR network provider does not support link shortening web sites, as alternative domains. *

The same provider also offers to password protect access, and this is of some use if you alert the intended recipient by voice.

Such features are not set by default, and if you wish to employ them, it is best to practice a dry run or two before you go live with clients.

While it may be a good strategy to obfuscate online viewing habits from a predatory advanced persistent threat, it should not lead to false confidence. Files you send and save on your computer can still be compromised, and the worst offenders may even install a key-logger on a target computer.

In a commercial environment, the intended use of anonymous referrer, is to provide safeguarding of universal resource locators, as a fee based service. While this is as often nefarious as not, it can be of use to politicians and small business people as well, if they have influential enemies.

* (or similar link shortener) would be a very reasonable site to require, if you know how to be more specific. In experimentation, downloads that specify twitter as referring web site work appropriately even when representing shortened links.


About James Johnson

I am an amateur mathematician & political theorist who enjoys (occasionally cerebral) humor.
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