A rudimentary OpenDRM

We all know that Open Source was to free ideas from incarceration, not deprive programmers of income. Here is a rudimentary “OpenDRM” scheme.


Step 1 (Python script)

Comments Updated Apr 22

Step 2 (Python script) – One possible “salt3” might be a message digest of the object code itself. It is possible to write a finished version, tell the program to use the hash of the fileobject name in its computation, save it, and then compute the Key later, using the specific hash value obtained. This would allow updated versions to be remunerated supplementally. The hash used in the code can be uniform, and does not have to match the hash(es) for the proprietary database. After some thought, we are able to observe that an attacker could brute force a known hash for salts, to get from a known customer number to the next, if he decompiled the code and successfully analyzed it.

For this reason, the portion entered by the customer should be more like existing examples of a product code, than a 5 digit number.

example database (as pictured above – enter parenthetical comment as pictured for exact match.)



About James Johnson

I am an amateur mathematician & political theorist who enjoys (occasionally cerebral) humor.
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